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Django apps and extensions for all occasions

I've used most of these and the others are highly recommended. I'll be using them when the need arises. Pretty much I update this list as I find better alternatives or discover new gems.

The descriptions are mostly not mine, but provide a good reminder for use-cases.

django-debug-toolbar: Gives you a running toolbar on all your pages when in development showing static contents, templates, context and a variety of other really cool things. Removes the need to debug from terminal.

django-mptt: Efficient DB storage and retrieval of hierarchical data. e.g. modelling nested sections of a website, navigation trees, or any other parent-child relationships.

django-fsm: Manage state and transitions, safely and effectively. Great for workflows. Any time you find yourself using boolean fields that are dependant and mutually exclusive, you probably need a state field.

django-crispy-forms: simple things like adding the necessary markup for bootstrap to forms is super-boring otherwise ; in general, it helps with custom form layout, which is usually a template maintenance hell

django-rest-framework: for making REST APIs - more customizable than tastypie

django-secure: to help improve any django project's security in a very simple way.

django-remote-forms: for working with django's forms in a purely RESTful way.

django-haystack: makes search really easy.

django-allauth: deals with a lot of the authentication flow for you, and supports a lot of oauth providers.

django-oauth2-provider: for easy-to-configure Oauth2 authentication in django. works nicely with tastypie and djangorestframework as an added bonus

django-taggit: a django tagging app and the autosuggest works with it to auto suggest tags that have already been used previously when you start typing.

django-braces: nice set of mixins. I'm pretty sure you have already written something similar, but these are better.

django mailer: provides a backend for sending email (EMAIL_BACKEND) which stores emails in a queue in the database, to be sent out later from a cronjob using your actual email backend.

django-jenkins: CI

Fabric: Run tests before committing

sorl-thumbnail: Makes it easy to process images and display thumbnails.

celery: this once was a django extension, but is still nice for delayed tasks.

selenium: for functional testing

References Two Scoops of Django